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Lab Members


Tanner Badigian

Lab Manager


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Micheal Rolfsmeier

Postdoctoral Fellow

​"I’m a seasoned molecular microbiologist with expertise in yeast, bacteria, and archaea. My previous work has included the dissection of biochemical mechanisms involved in DNA damage and repair as well as understanding basic molecular pathways in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. I’m excited to be working in the yeast model system to explore killer toxins and cellular defense mechanisms."


Victor Zhong


"I am a second-year undergraduate student in the Molecular Biology, & Biochemistry program. Being able to participate in undergraduate research allowed me to gain more lab experiences and insight to my field of study."

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Marinda Stanton


"I graduated from Willamette University in the spring of 2020 and came to UI as a master’s student. I work on the KP4-Like project in the model system Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

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Nathan Taggart

Graduate student

​"I’m a PhD student in the Microbiology, Molecular Biology, & Biochemistry program. I study host-virus interactions in Saccharomyces yeast. Specifically, I study how double-stranded RNA viruses protect their genomes from degradation by the host. I also collect Rubik’s cubes and cool rocks."

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Jack Creagh

Graduate student

"I am interested in using the power of yeast genetics and molecular dynamics simulation to understand the secret inner life of cells. In the Rowley lab, I focus on understanding the interaction between yeast killer toxins and host cell membranes. Killer toxins are unique proteins that must retain stability in two diverse environments and this makes killer proteins fascinating and challenging to understand."


Rodolfo Bizarria Jr  

J1 Visiting Scholar

"I'm fascinated by yeasts and their interactions. Over the last years, I have been isolating yeasts from insects and digging into their ecological roles. In the Rowley lab, I'm interested to explore the ecology of killer yeasts in natural populations, and how diverse and spread double-stranded RNA viruses are in Saccharomicotina lineages"


David Reetz

Undergraduate research student

"I'm studying Biological Engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Idaho, starting out on the road to be a professor one day.  I have some lab experience working with organic adjuvant-antigen chimeras for S. aureus at another institution."


Julia Major

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate in my second year majoring in Biochemistry. I've really enjoyed being in the Rowley lab and applying what I learn in my classes to research. I currently do research on the KRE1 gene in a variety of different yeasts."

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Rosie Hill

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry. I've enjoyed being part of the Rowley lab and getting involved in research. This fall I will be working on the role of Kre1 in killer toxin immunity."

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Nathan LaVoie

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate studying Biological Engineering and Math here at the University of Idaho.  Joining the Rowley lab has been the perfect opportunity to explore my field of interest and find out what I want to do for graduate school.  I hope to graduate in 2024 and pursue an MD-PhD program to become a Medical Scientist."


Day Scott

Undergraduate research student

"I am a McNair Scholar and non-traditional undergraduate studying Wildlife Science and Biology at the University of Idaho. In the Rowley lab, I’ll be focusing on identifying “killer” yeast in insects. I couldn’t be more excited that my passion in research has extended to the molecular level. Combined with my studies in avian ecology - I’m officially researching “the birds and the bees"

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Rim Tekle

Undergraduate research student


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Dayna Buitron

Undergraduate research student


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Sarah Coss

Undergraduate research student


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Kaul Shupe

Undergraduate research student


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