Lab Members


Lance Fredericks

Lab Manager

​"After graduating from U of I in the spring of 2020, I began full-time work as a research technician in the Rowley lab. I have been involved with the lab since the spring of 2017 and have worked on several projects focusing on killer yeast toxin characterization and therapeutic potential. Since the beginning of 2020, I have been involved in SARS-CoV2 binding and entry projects as well."


Jeremy Ellis

Laboratory Research Technician

"I started working as an undergraduate researcher in 2019, since then I have been involved in projects investigating the virulence of Candida yeast mutants as well as helping with comparative analyses of potential SARS-CoV2 receptors in animals. Working in the lab has helped me learn several techniques relevant to my field of study, microbiology, as well as allowing me to become acquainted with the scientific process as a whole."


Suki Li

Graduate student

​"I have always been fascinated by how changes in amino acid sequences alter the overall shape and function of proteins, and their abilities to interact with their binding partners. My project is part of an NSF-funded interdisciplinary grant studying how genotypic changes affect phenotypic protein-protein interactions. My work specifically focuses on how lentiviral capsids interact with host nuclear pore proteins to promote viral nuclear entry."

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Nathan Taggart

Graduate student

​"I’m a PhD student in the Microbiology, Molecular Biology, & Biochemistry program. I study host-virus interactions in Saccharomyces yeast. Specifically, I study how double-stranded RNA viruses protect their genomes from degradation by the host. I also collect Rubik’s cubes and cool rocks."

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Marinda Stanton

Graduate student

"I graduated from Willamette University in the spring of 2020 and came to UI as a master’s student. I work on the KP4-Like project in the model system Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

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Jack Creagh

Graduate student

"I am interested in using the power of yeast genetics and molecular dynamics simulation to understand the secret inner life of cells. In the Rowley lab, I focus on understanding the interaction between yeast killer toxins and host cell membranes. Killer toxins are unique proteins that must retain stability in two diverse environments and this makes killer proteins fascinating and challenging to understand."


Jeffrey Badigian

Undergraduate research student

"Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always enjoyed logic puzzles. Biochemistry has always appealed to me because it’s not just a logic puzzle, but the greatest mystery of how I function at the most intimate level. As I enter my first year of research, I am truly discovering just how much there is to explore."

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Danielle Yama

Undergraduate research student

"I’ve always had a passion for learning and trying to solve the unknown, leading to my discovery in the field of microbiology. I find it fascinating that which we cannot see can so greatly affect our lives. It appeared to be the perfect fit for me, and what better way to study the microbial world than scientific research?"


Victor Zhong

Undergraduate research student

"I am a second-year undergraduate student in the Molecular Biology, & Biochemistry program. Being able to participate in undergraduate research allowed me to gain more lab experiences and insight to my field of study."

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Ximena Garcia

Undergraduate research student

"Working in the Rowley lab has been an amazing opportunity that has helped enhance my laboratory skills and piqued my interest in conducting research. As a senior studying Medical Sciences with a minor in Spanish this lab has allowed me to apply my knowledge of the sciences with hands-on learning  which has benefited me in my studies as well as my passion and drive for science."


David Reetz

Undergraduate research student

"I'm studying Biological Engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Idaho, starting out on the road to be a professor one day.  I have some lab experience working with organic adjuvant-antigen chimeras for S. aureus at another institution."

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Lauren Saucedo

Undergraduate research student

"I am a senior majoring in microbiology with a pre-medical interest. Undergraduate research is a great opportunity that has given me hands-on experience and allowed me to gain further interest in my field. I’ve enjoyed working with other lab members as well as learning from them."

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James Cope

Undergraduate research student

"I am a Senior undergraduate student studying general Biology here at the University of Idaho. I am an avid beer and wine brewer along with all other things related to fermentation. When I heard about Dr. Rowley’s work with killer yeast toxins I was immediately interested and am thrilled to be working on characterizing and understanding them fore fully."


Hannah Hardin

Undergraduate research student

"As a senior majoring in Medical Science and Psychology, joining the Rowley lab has allowed me to put what I have learned the past four years in my courses to real-world use. It has also served as an amazing opportunity for me to explore my interest in research that I didn't know I had for the future. I am so excited to keep gaining confidence in the lab setting while exploring the presence of killer yeasts in natural niches, specifically wasps and bees!"

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Rodrigo Gonzalez Guillen

Undergraduate research student


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Jordan Richter

Undergraduate research student


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Rebekah Sepulveda

Undergraduate research student