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Lab Members

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Jamie Mackenzie

Lab Manager

​"I am a career biologist with diverse interests including the study of wildlife conservation, animal behavior, viral infections, and evolutionary mechanisms. My passion for scientific knowledge and my desire to work in microbiological research has led me to my current role as the lab manager here in the Rowley Lab. I am looking forward to expanding my skillset and contributing toward research that is both industrially and biomedically relevant. I also love beer, cycling and surfing"

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Micheal Rolfsmeier

Postdoctoral Fellow

​"I’m a seasoned molecular microbiologist with expertise in yeast, bacteria, and archaea. My previous work has included the dissection of biochemical mechanisms involved in DNA damage and repair as well as understanding basic molecular pathways in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. I’m excited to be working in the yeast model system to explore killer toxins and cellular defense mechanisms."

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Jack Creagh

Graduate student

"I am interested in using the power of yeast genetics and molecular dynamics simulation to understand the secret inner life of cells. In the Rowley lab, I focus on understanding the interaction between yeast killer toxins and host cell membranes. Killer toxins are unique proteins that must retain stability in two diverse environments and this makes killer proteins fascinating and challenging to understand."


Ganesh Dhungana

Graduate student

I'm a skilled dental surgeon, is now expanding horizons by pursuing a Ph.D at Rowley lab and majoring in Molecular Biology. I am excited to learn about the killer yeasts and their genetics by blending  my knowledge and training of molecular biology with cutting-edge research


Julia Major

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate in my second year majoring in Biochemistry. I've really enjoyed being in the Rowley lab and applying what I learn in my classes to research. I currently do research on the KRE1 gene in a variety of different yeasts."

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Rosie Hill

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry. I've enjoyed being part of the Rowley lab and getting involved in research. This fall I will be working on the role of Kre1 in killer toxin immunity."


Day Scott

Undergraduate research student

"I am a McNair Scholar and non-traditional undergraduate studying Wildlife Science and Biology at the University of Idaho. In the Rowley lab, I’ll be focusing on identifying “killer” yeast in insects. I couldn’t be more excited that my passion in research has extended to the molecular level. Combined with my studies in avian ecology - I’m officially researching “the birds and the bees"

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Rim Tekle

Undergraduate research student

"I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Medical Science at the University of Idaho. Working in Dr. Rowley's lab has allowed me to hone my problem-solving abilities and determination. The Rowley lab has allowed me to work hands-on and develop my molecular skills. I work in the lab isolating yeasts from insects and identifying killer yeasts."


Dayna Buitron

Undergraduate research student

"I’m a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Microbiology. Joining the Rowley lab has been a great learning experience that I can apply to my classes and have thoroughly enjoyed. I currently do research on the KRE1 gene for K1 intoxication."


Sarah Coss

Undergraduate research student

"I am an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry and Mathematical Biology with an interest in medical science research. I am currently working to identify the toxic domains of the K1L toxin and KKT genes."


Kaul Shupe

Undergraduate research student

"I am a psychology major with a pre health professions minor. I plan to go to medical school after I graduate. My research focuses on dsRNA viruses in the photosynthetic protozoan speices Euglena mutabilis."

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Kasen Evans

Undergraduate research student

"I am a second-year undergraduate student studying biochemistry. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing research in the Rowley lab and being able to apply what I learn from my classes. I am currently researching the pathogenicity of K62 in Galleria mellonella"

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Anna Mangen

Undergraduate researcher

"I am an undergraduate student studying Medical Sciences at the University of Idaho. I have really enjoyed understanding more about the research field and obtaining the knowledge that comes with it. I am currently working on the genetic engineering of brewing yeast to express killer toxins"

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Dean Collins

Undergraduate researcher

"My name is Dean, this is my first semester at U Idaho, and I am studying biotechnology and plant genomics. I have always had a love for science and do a couple of my own projects with hybridizing flowers. I also love to go hiking and going to lots of national parks."

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Teg Basraon

Undergraduate researcher

"I am Teg Basraon, and I am thrilled to join the lab team here at the ROWLEY LAB. I am an undergraduate majoring in microbiology with a minor in pre-health profession studies. I am excited to dive into research related to killer yeasts and contribute to our collective understanding of these organisms."

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